Opportunities in every lesson for all to experience and learn vital skills of self-regulation, thus developing their emotional and physical control button.

Breathing techniques that calm, soothe and decrease feelings relating to anxiety, stress and busy-ness of life.

An environment that encourages supportive, safe and positive social interaction.

FUN, fun, fun, which is vital. We play yoga games, enjoy a range of wonderful music and practice postures to build strength and flexibility which all support social emotional needs.

Dedicated relaxation time which is focused and intentional, fostering a connection to their inner world for calm and stillness.

Opportunities to appreciate one’s inner light and the light of others. Through being aware of self and celebrating the differences and similarities among us all.

Specific tools and skills to combat stress, anxiety and a range of childhood/ teen special needs relating to digestion, asthma, menstruation, depression, ADHD and ADD, coughs, colds and healthy weight.

TIME to connect to self, to share, think, move, listen, reflect and just simply be.

Term programs for children and tweens support and nurture students to develop physical, emotional and social resilience. All children are supported to grow their inner world with mindfulness, games, meditations and more that bring about calm, peace and a sense of self knowing. Through more advanced yoga movement tweens quickly gain confidence and strength in their mental and physical bodies


Location: Zen Space Yoga Studio, 225 Mt Glorious Rd, Samford

Term 1 2019 ( Tuesday 12th February- 26th  March: 7 weeks)

Kids Yoga ( 4-7 yrs.)


Term Investment: $98 ($14 per lesson)

Casual: $17 per class

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Pre-teen Yoga (8-13yrs)


Term Investment: $105 ($15 per lesson)

Casual: $18 per class

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Each school holiday, I offer  longer workshop yoga sessions usually lasting from 2.5 hours to 5 hour mini retreats for teens. The kids and family classes are jam packed with games, mindful activities, lots of movement, laughter, and a take home creative art piece that is suited to all age ranges. The teens, as they are longer, often includes journaling, social connection, restorative yoga and a creative art experience.

The emphasis is on fun, engagement, connection with others and simply JOY.

Easter Holidays 2019
To be announced- please check in again to see what is coming up

Kindy yoga is fast (with moments of stillness), imaginative, loud as well as quiet and active. Students practice yoga asana (poses), breathing games, meditation and visualisation for strength, health and inner peace. Classes are highly engaging with props, books, songs, music and lots of games.

Investment  30-45 mins: $80 |  60mins: $100

These family classes are also within school holiday periods and are suitable for children from 3 and above when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Family Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your children through movement, breath awareness, games, partner yoga, mindful experiences and more. You will walk away too parents feeling blissful, open hearted and deeply connected to your loved ones.

Whether it’s a one-off school/ high school yoga experience or term classes your students will benefit greatly. We yoga asana (poses), breathing games, meditation and visualisation for strength, health and inner peace. Classes are highly engaging with props, books, songs, music and lots of games. There is a deeper element of education embedded into each class and aims to meet the needs of the students and goals of the school. Themes can include stress, health and wellbeing, thinking before speaking, inner strength, inner peace, unique me and many more. Teens can explore themes relating to relationships, boundaries, resilience, focus, goal setting, relaxation and more.

Investment  30-45 mins: $80 |  60 mins: $100


These one on one yoga sessions are for families and their children who are looking for specific support to assist their child/children with an issue they may be facing. These can include

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive issues
  • Special needs such as ADHD, autism, aspergers…….
  • Menstruation

Private pricing

Starts from $100  per session and can be purchased in a pack of 5. Please contact Kathryn for more info at kathryn@kathrynaveryyoga.com

Yoga parties make that special birthday that little bit more so. Parties are catered and themed to suit the birthday day party and provide children with an hour of yoga practice that includes breathing games, yoga postures, games, music and creative art. The aim is to celebrate the birthday boy or girl who also receives a take home gift. Classes are 60- 90 minutes. Prices start from $150. Mats, props and resources are all supplied by Kathryn Yoga Avery.

Investment prices start from $150.